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Proud of our ACTRA history

ACTRA started in 1998 as a Coaching and Training company and after one year we added the talent recruitment in Technology to our services. The combination led us to big new clients. We kept on growing and in 2003 we added a full Human Resources Service to our steady growing ACTRA company. In 2007 we decided to become a limited liability company and added again several new international clients.

In the end of 2008 the economy changed rapidly and we were lucky to be able to make the necessary U-turn and go back to a smaller size company. We had to down size ACTRA substantially. As the economy slowed down to absolute minimum we decided to split our company in half in 2010. In September 2014 we closed our Human Capital Services, the last part of the old ACTRA. In 2015 we can clearly see that our tough decisions made us stronger, ACTRA started their NEXT chapter. Join us! Join ACTRA NEXT

Richard van den Bosch
Founder / Sr. Director

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