ACTRA was and wil always be all about creativity and solutions. We continuously have to come up with new ways in finding and attracting very rare technology talent, we created services for our clients to optimize their talent acquisition. The last few years we experienced lot's of creative energy coming from technology talent and our selves. This energy is now finally converted into our new service. Projects

Projects is all about helping our clients in their search for solutions to the challenges they are confronted with. Whether it concerns product creation, a marketing concept, or any other aspect of creativity. We team up with the client to find new ways to give answer to their challenges. We join their development team and have open discussions about possible solutions.

ACTRA NEXT proved to be very strong in creative and conceptual thinking and is happy to announce that we decided to launch this brand new service into the market in Q2 2016. Contact us if you want more information about ACTRA NEXT Projects, share your challenge with us.

We currently work on the following creative projects:

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