Recruitment Support

Recruitment Support

ACTRA NEXT is about top service in recruitment and development of technology talent. Recruitment Support is a service that gives flexibility to our clients recruiters and helps our clients handle their recruitment. Scaling up and down is something that we’re used to. Our talent agents work for the client on a hourly rate and that's the only difference with our clients own recruitment staff. We adapt the internal recruitment process as if it is ours.


We handle many recruitment support assignments each year for national and international companies. This includes sourcing. Whether you would like to hire us on a hourly rate, fixed fee, or for sourcing depends on several things. We can provide you with more detailed information in a personal meeting but here are already a few topics that are important when you have to decide what kind of recruitment service to choose:

A few questions before you can start selecting a recruitment partner:
Building your talent base
Sourcing assignments are supported by our platform called; "talent base" Each talent we find for your company is entered in this platform. As soon as we entered a new talent you received an automated notification via e-mail with the message, new talent found by ACTRA NEXT for review only. This is the service that you would expect from ACTRA NEXT.

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I Founded ACTRA in 1998. I have a passion for technology and innovation. I'm connecting technology talent with inspiring challenges, help people explore their personal talents and bring out their best.