Talent Management

Talent Management

Talent Management starts off with identifying your company talents. As soon as you have a clear picture of all the different talents in your organization you can start managing it. This means you need to define a general talent management strategy. Each and every employee needs to have a certain amount of challenge in their work. Teamleaders are responsible for deployment and set up personal meetings to find out if the employee still is challenged. There has to be a fine mixture of a challenging, inspirational working environment and good leadership skills to deploy talent management.

ACTRA NEXT developed workshops to train leaders in "how to create a stimulating, inspirational and challenging working environment. This kind of talent leadership is extremely important because if you are not able to create this important environment you start losing your most valuable asset.

In managing your talent we developed the following services:

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Richard van den Bosch

Sr. Talent Agent Technology

I Founded ACTRA in 1998. I have a passion for technology and innovation. I'm connecting technology talent with inspiring challenges, help people explore their personal talents and bring out their best.