Your challenge

Finding the right talent for your company is a challenges we are willing to accept. One we are unwilling to postpone and one we intend to win.

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Your challenges

Markets are changing fast due to new technologies. We believe the change rate is accelerating every year. Flexibility is key. ACTRA NEXT can help you with finding temporary technology talent but is your company ready for maximum flexibility? How do you manage knowledge?

Human capital

ACTRA Next is about; "finding & developing talent in technology". Only talent is not enough for being successful. It takes a lot of positive energy to grow talent, we recognize eight recurring personal qualities that are shown more often by people who really love what they do and want to accomplish in life.

Stay on top of your talent recruitment and development.

ACTRA NEXT is specialized in recruitment, coaching and development of talent in the technology market.

No organization is the same, we need to understand your business objectives.

We can help you with defining your talent objectives and come with solutions that are innovative and sustainable. Our organization is filled with knowledge. New relations start off with shaking hands. We would like to shake your hand.

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